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Wreath fundraisers

Nisqually Farm supplies noble fir wreaths and cedar garland to local clubs, teams, and schools at wholesale prices for fundraisers. The groups sell the wreaths at their own set prices and the funds left after the wholesale payment to Nisqually Farm remain with the group. Many of the groups we work with have held their annual wreath sale fundraisers for decades.


How the fundraiser works

Starting in November through late December, groups collect orders for wreaths and submit them to us through their designated Wreath Fundraiser Coordinator (usually a parent). The Wreath Fundraiser Coordinator works with Nisqually Farm to pick up the wreaths and arranges the delivery of the orders. Once the sale is over, Nisqually Farm collects a total payment for the set wholesale prices.

Contact us in the fall for a wholesale price list and to set up your groups fundraiser.

(360) 402-9253    NisquallyFarm@gmail.com